Push notifications

An innovative method of delivering your advertising message to the target audience. Unlike other types of advertising, push advertising guarantees that content is displayed on the users device, natively fitting into the interface.

How does push advertising work?

The users, who have agreed on display notifications, can see your ad, consisting of a title, description and pics. When you click on the push notification you automatically jump to the target page.

The users agree on display notifications on the site. In our database there are more than 300 million users.
Special offer
The users see your special offers, content or ads on their devices and click on them.
After clicking the user goes to your target page for conversion.
We have 300 million users
in our database

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The advantages of Push Notification Ads
Total visibility
The display of content to all users - even those who are not in the browser.
High quality
In order to receive a notification, firstly the user must subscribe.It allows him\her to get a pure push traffic..
Global reach
Billions of impressions per day around the world can reach all segments of Target audience.
Games & Mobile apps
News & Content
Sweepstakes & lottery

Top verticals for PUSH notifications

An excellent format for embraced and retarget ad campaigns in almost all verticals

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