Native advertising

One of the most popular formats which provides advertisers with a qualitative traffic and high index of ROI. Native ad is similar with site content, it provides a high CTR and inherence.

Teaser: the notion and placement

Teaser (ad in native format) represents the text and photo, which are displayed on different sites. In this regard they can be placed in different parts of the page:

В нижней части страницы, под основным контентом

Why do advertisers
choose native advertising?


Native advertising is more credible than other formats, which promotes high CR and CTR.

Narrow target

More than 10 variants of targeting allow you exactly aim to any target audience, even the narrowest one

Global reach

More than 500 million impressions per day provide the highest reach in 200 countries around the world, regardless of the location of your audience


The format successfully works with any vertical and on any devices. The result depends only on the creative and settings of your campaign

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